Why Meal Prep? Because I’m Lazy.

I love this quote because its true. And it is a mantra I’ve been using daily on my journey to a basic life. I’ve never had a good grasp on adulting at my best, let alone now. In that vein, I’ve been researching tips and tricks on how to technically be a better adult while still staying just as lazy as I’ve always been. Meal Prep is a huge part of that.

I always envied people who meal prepped. It blew my mind that there were humans who could plan and execute a full week’s worth of food. I barely get through breakfast most days. To me, it was an unattainable goal as I was lazy and poor and unmotivated. There was no way in hell I would ever be able to do it. Meal Prep is for people who have their shit together, not people like me who forget to wash their (one and only) bra for two weeks even though it’s been in the laundry hamper this entire time and I’ve washed everything else.

But it turns out, as is the norm, I was wrong.

Meal Prep is just efficiency, and efficiency is just intelligent laziness.

I began to see the light while lurking around the r/mealprepsunday sub Reddit and wishing one day that I would be able to do that. Finally, one day I actually read the comments and recipes and saw that far from being complicated, pricey, and involved, meal prep could be ridiculously easy. That is, its easy if you remember this golden rule: Food is Fuel.

I’ve never necessarily been picky about having to eat something different every day. I attribute that to being broke most of my life and sustaining myself off of white rice and Italian Dressing sandwiches. Don’t ask how I’m still alive, science can’t explain it. But that means that when it comes to meals, as long as it’s easy and affordable, I’ll eat the same damn thing every day. And I now do. Because, as long as it’s a balanced, healthy meal, you can eat the same thing every day. And frankly, this was a huge epiphany for me. Food is just fuel? It doesn’t have to be pretty? It doesn’t need to have variety? Well, of course not. It’s food. It is, literally, what fuels your body. And if you can figure out the best fuel, why change it? And so began my meal prep journey.

Breakfast is a toasted slice of whole wheat toast with organic (no sugar added) peanut butter and a hard boiled egg, with a cup of coffee (cream and sugar).

That’s it. No bells or whistles but it keeps me full and happy until lunch. And the best part is I only need to meal prep the eggs. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Lunch is a grain, with veggies, a protein, and a whole wheat pita sandwich with spinach and cheese.

What does that look like? I’m glad you asked.

I do vary the veggies from brussel sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, mushrooms, cauliflower, beets, and whatever else might capture my fancy.

Grains are almost always quinoa because it is one of the few grains I can actually cook properly. Rice is my nemesis.

Protein is (once again) normally baked tofu but I will throw some beans (garbonzo, black, kidney) in there if they are on sale or I’m clearing out the pantry.

Cooking all this, also, is super easy because with the exception of the mushrooms, I roast EVERYTHING. All the veggies and tofu get baked in the oven, usually on the same sheet, and by turning the temperature up I’m done roasting in about twenty minutes. A little olive oil and garlic is all you need. While that’s happening, I make the pita sandwiches and check on the quinoa (which I make in a rice cooker).

The veggie lunches I let cool to room temp before sealing and refrigerating (this cuts down on the condensation in the containers) and voila! I am done and don’t have to worry about lunches for the week!

Dinner can vary slightly but otherwise the schedule is:

  • Saturday – Baked Fresh Salmon with veggies
  • Sunday – Crock pot meal of vegetarian chili, potato cheese soup, or enchiladas. (This makes enough to freeze portions for the next month! Cook once, eat four times!)
  • Tuesday – Pasta with veggies

My husband and I agreed on a cooking schedule, hence the specific days, and since he works from home, he cooks most weekday nights. It’s a good system and takes all the “What do you want to do for dinner?” out of the equation.

Quick note here, I am eating mostly vegetarian for health reasons at the moment so feel free to adjust any of these ideas to match your diet.

So there you have it, my tiny little life hack that saves me an incredible amount of time and energy throughout the week. The bonus of all of this? I look like an extremely productive and put together person. Let me know if you’ve tried meal prepping or are currently doing it and if it was right for your lifestyle. I love it and can’t recommend it enough.

See you next post!