Time Flies When You’re Getting Nothing Done

Nothing seems to be more magical than looking back at a few days and realizing you’ve gotten nothing done. Nothing. Not one thing that you really need to get done, got done. Not even the very important tasks you wrote down nicely in your bullet journal and productivity app.

Maybe you can blame it on being sick, which you are. Maybe you can blame it on unexpected life happenings popping up, which happened. Maybe you just wanted to not have to adult for a few days and ignored all the responsibilities with every intention of getting it all done by the deadlines. But the deadlines came, and went. And all you have to show for it is absolutely nothing cause you slacked off all week.

I struggle with this constantly. I want to be the put together adult who has it all under control and remembers everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries, sends out the holiday cards before the holiday starts, and is able to work two jobs with ease and finesse. You and I both know I’ll never be that person. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to be. I’m afraid if I stop trying to be the best I’ll just fade away into nothingness and end up like one of my Sims, lonely, disgusting, and surrounded by what might have been.

The only way I know how to combat this is to start fresh each day and try again.

I stop and take some breaths, then begin to reorganize my life again. Point by point, category by category, my to do list is filled out and noted and I try again. Doesn’t feel great but it does feel better than wallowing in self pity. And on the second pass I normally finish one more task than I did the week before.

Maybe one day, I’ll finish things the week I meant to. In the meantime, let’s fail and get back up again.

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